Tony J. Ly


About Me

Imagine a world where patients participate in their own healthcare. They wake up excited to see their favorite provider, and to share their progress on their medications. They feel comfortable asking how to take their medications properly. Because most importantly, they want to improve their health.

My name is Tony, and I'm passionate about high-quality healthcare and safe medication usage.

My early studies began at the University of Washington where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 2011. Undergraduate research in the Department of Pharmaceutics (Lin Lab) helped further mature my analytical mind, while simultaneously working in a community pharmacy helped me realize my true calling.

The next four years were spent on the East Coast where I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of New England in 2016.

I am interested in a career that enables me to provide compassionate, patient-centered health care to patients. I believe in Kaizen (改善), a philosophy based on constant improvement. While I continually strive for excellence, the ultimate goal is to provide the best care for my patients and their families.

Currently, I am a practicing pharmacist in the Seattle area.